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Hustopher is a graphic artist with artwork ranging in scenery, historical events, caricatures, portraits, political cartoons, logos, and comic panels. He's been trained in traditional art styles such as painting, charcoal, pastels, scratch board, mixed media, as well as industry standard programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate. His experience includes branding, packaging, typography, invitations, banners, & logo design.


Hustopher is a raconteur who believes in communication through art. A California native, Hustopher's art pays homage to the American Black experience. His distinctive style emanates truth and realism and expresses the vibrant spirit of perseverance of black culture. With a myriad of themes to explore, Hustopher's art can be categorized into three main collections: Picturesque landscapes, humorous quips, and thought provoking representations of the black experience throughout American history. As an artist, Hustopher enjoys working in traditional and digital mediums. Nothing is off limits; serious themes, political cartoons, and comic books, Hustopher enjoys not having a confining niche.

As a child Hustopher received prizes for his artistic talent. From a young age, his talent was cultivated by his parents Denise and Anthony. His parents nurtured and encouraged his artistic skills by seeking out art schools and mentorships. He was fortunate enough to have been trained and mentored by legendary artists such as Charles Bibbs and Michael Massenburg.

Hustopher was featured in the Shoutout LA magazine. His exhibitions include RAW National Born Artists and Long Beach Street Fair. Two of his collections, American History and Alluring Scenery, were featured at the Dymally International Jazz & Arts Festival, including “Strange Fruits" and "Storm Alley".


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Shoutout LA Feature
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RAW Natural Born Artists Exhibit


I'm always excited to connect! Please feel free to reach out!

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